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The Royal Society marks the way forward

are bad times for football. called “bubble football ” is about to explode and equipment, used until recently to make big payouts to train their staff must change their modus operandi . The solution is clear, go for the quarry, something that is a reference the Royal Society , with a workforce plagued by homegrown has played this season Champions League and morning his pass is played to the Final Cup , which is very commendable and praiseworthy.

In recent years we have observed as the teams in the league, except Barcelona , Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid , are increasingly having difficulty insoles guarantee. Football no longer generates as much money as before and there are few teams that draw millions in debts that can not cope . Given this situation, the solution is simple, yet complicated; quarry. I say it’s complicated, because this work takes time and dedication, and there are many teams who have long neglected the work with the quarry.

The role model is clear, just look at the Royal Society. txuriurdin entity that always characterized by his philosophy quarry for years fell into the trap of not signing every year few foreigners who did not improve at all what you had in your own home. So relegation to Second Division came in the 2006/07 season. After wasting millions in signing mediocrities, the Royal Society was due to this disastrous management, to the verge of bankruptcy when I

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The Rossoneri Boateng marks the way forward against racism and intolerance

Kevin-Prince Boateng yesterday gave a lesson on how to act against the scourge of racism, that in the XXI century continues campando at ease in many stadiums . The German midfielder Ghanaian descent who plays for Milan, stopped the game and threw the ball into the stands from where the racist insults before removing his shirt and leave the field followed by his teammates.

It happened yesterday in the friendly pitting the Pro Patria (the name gets it too) with Milan. From the opening whistle, every time the team’s black players touched the ball away, a group of ultras the home side taunted them with racist slogans , until Boateng exploded. 26 minutes played game when taking the ball out on the left wing in an attacking move, shouting racist raged against him. Without thinking twice, Boateng grabbed the ball with his hand and threw it to the stands from where the chants.

The referee, stunned by what was happening, tried unsuccessfully to get the player does not leave the field. His companions, hurt with what was happening, decided Boateng endorse the initiative and left the field to the locker room way too . At that time, the referee decided, how could it be otherwise, stop play. Far from ceasing the unfortunate racist chanting, they raged when the speaker asked over loudspeakers to lay down their attitude , causing the match to be suspended permanently.

The racism and intolerance is a scourge that shakes all areas of society, also football, and is something that must be eliminated. What made yesterday Boateng is a role model . If every time these unfortunate events occur, the teams involved decide to leave the field, these behaviors cease. And I do not want to stick only to cases of racism, because in our country we live in some stadiums equally regrettable episodes the less.

there is in our league stadium takes the cake, the Vicente Calderon, where it is customary to mock dead people, as or , each time the Real Sociedad Sevilla or visit the fief mattress. Next time this happens, thing to do is leave the field, more or less, with all the consequences . Only then we will end up with racism and intolerance.

How could end the scourge of racism and intolerance in the stadiums? Would it be a good choice to follow the path marked by Boateng?

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