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The Barcelona tab Halilovic, “Messi of the Balkans”

Alen Halilovic , Croatian midfielder 17 years who currently plays for Dynamo Zagreb , fichar

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Messi returns shutting mouths

After spending 59 days on the sidelines due to a hamstring injury, Leo Messi returned to the pitch on Wednesday in the butler clash against Getafe , and made in the best way. The Argentine star took to the field after 63 minutes with the score at 2-0, and in half an hour left settled the tie with two goals of the house, certifying that football has become hungry and goals.

was Messi who thought and never be the same after the physical problems that Rosario suffered during 2013, especially the press Madrid, and with his stellar performance against Getafe has certified that the best player on the planet is back hungrier than ever , as predicted a few days ago his countryman Gerardo Tata Martino , who said that Leo had returned from Argentina, where he has trained very hard to overcome his physical problems, with “ glare “. Also, Messi has followed a specific plan in your country to gain speed , losing five kilos of muscle mass.

In recent months there has also been talking in a sector of the sports media, about the possibility that Messi leave the club next summer. According to some journalists, the Argentine was not happy with the arrival of Neymar , and public after his confrontation with a member of the Bar

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What would Peter without Messi?

lionel messi + + + pedro rodriguez + fc + barcelona + tx7gowbkbyax what would opt pedro without messi?

The same happens if we change “ Barcelona However things change when we ask “What would Peter without Messi?”. So perhaps the answer is something like “What would be more role Pedro Surely Peter has learned much from Leo think Pedro is better when Messi is on the field jueg0

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Leo Messi reassures barcelonismo


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Without Messi and Valdes is further complicated thing …


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The new Inter Milan owner dreams of signing Leo Messi

erick inter milan thohir new inter milan owner dreams of signing leo messi

The new owner of Inter Milan , the Indonesian billionaire Erick Thohir has burst on the world of football, as stated, without thinking twice, he’s trying to do everything possible to sign Leo Messi This is not easy though that Asian tycoon money comes out of your ears .

Coming from one of the richest families in Asia, Erick Thohir is also a brilliant businessman, a sports enthusiast. Not surprisingly, the Indonesian has a football team ( Persib Bandung ) and two basketball in your country ( Satria Muda BritAma e Indonesia Warriors ), is holding 15% of the shares of the Philadelphia 76ers , the NBA team, and is a shareholder of DC United of the MLS. Now, this 43 year old Muslim gain just 70% of the shares of Inter Milan has promised a new stadium for the team Nerazzurri and do everything possible to sign Messi.

Although money is not a problem for Thorir, whose family holding company made a profit of 1,250 million euros in 2012 , sign the Argentine star is going to prove a very complicated task, unless it is Barcelona who want to get rid of its biggest star, something also clearly unthinkable. Messi said that always feels in debt to the club which trained him as a player and as a person , and has hinted on many occasions that if he ever comes time to leave the club blaugrana will be to return to Argentina, most likely to Newell’s Old Boys of his hometown Rosario, where he took his first kicking a ball.

Messi is aware that, if not for the Barcelona, ??most likely had not become a professional footballer . Affected by a hormonal disease that prevented normal growth, the Catalans club, which was at that Argentine 13 years a rough diamond, offered to pay the expensive treatment to alleviate their condition, amounting to monthly $ 900 , prohibitive for a poor family as the Rosario. Since then, The Flea has gone through all the categories at Bar

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The 2013, “Annus Horribilis” Leo Messi

To be sure that Leo Messi is looking forward to the end of the 2013, the worst year considered by many the best player in the world, as in the past seven months the sun Argentina has suffered no less than five lesions , and all in the same area, the happy hamstring .

Messi’s ordeal began April 2 , when in the first leg of the quarterfinals dela Champions League against PSG was substituted at halftime because of an elongation in the femoral biceps of his right leg. Just eight days later, when in the last half hour of the second leg against the Gauls to help your team achieve their ticket to the semifinals, thing that Barca won but at a high price, as the Argentine fell from his injury , lost two league games.

Messi not yet recovered from all reappeared in Germany against Bayern Munich mercilessly thrashed Barca 4-0 and again suffered another stretching your biceps of his right leg after the game he played against Barca Atletico Madrid on May 12, losing all three games remaining of the League 2012/13. Despite having a month off to recover from it all and relax, Messi preferred to perform a charity matches tour that led him to make thousands of kilometers .

After joining Barcelona preseason, returned to intensify physical problems in the Asian tour, where he missed a game due to an overload in the thigh. The Argentine, perhaps parties accusing load and lack of rest , re-injured in the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain who played the Barcelona versus Athletic , suffering a hamstring bruise, but this time in his left leg, lost the league match played at the Rosaleda against Malaga .

When it seemed that the current Golden Ball had overcome his physical problems, the Argentine star again broken on September 28 in Almer

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Barcelona has a good chance to show that there is no dependence Messi

There is an ill wind that well bother Phrases like this that is wrong (which is the Messi tell And the alarming low of Leo Messi And it players like Neymar

What’s more, the Xavi, Iniesta and company will be there to put what it takes on the difficult task of mitigating the loss of one of the best players ever.

What’s more Victor Valdes is in a state of immeasurably and if the team goes fairer than usual without Messi, certainly appear to save the furniture.

The Another option is to assign points and see how the Real Madrid … sneaks How do you think will take the low sensitive Barcelona Leo Messi?


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Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ribery Who will be the MVP of the Championship?

085 173 1,375,810,554 1,375,806,208 ordinary news opt messi, cristiano ronaldo and ribery who will be the mvp of the uefa?

Every year, UEFA will choose in not too long to MVP This year’s finalists are Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ribery .

The amount of goals scored in all competitions has been instrumental Leo and CR7 are nominated because in terms of titles, especially with regard to past seasons, it was the best year for either or their clubs.

Messi Ribery case Who deserves this award more: Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ribery?

Article Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ribery Who will be the MVP of the Championship? was originally published in News Football.


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The PSG threat to Barca with Messi clause to pay!

will not be at all easy to Barcelona taking the services of Thiago Silva, Brazilian central defender who currently plays in the PSG that is on the agenda of the sports management hurdle to strengthen his rear. The case, which is poised to become the drama of the summer, has seen a recent episode surreal with the statements made by Al-Khelaifi .

The president of PSG, owned by Qatar’s royal family and is regarded as one of the 100 richest men in the world, surprised friends and strangers by stating that” if paid clause Thiago Silva , I pay the Messi “. The surprise is given by two fundamental facts, the Brazilian international center no clause of termination, as different target media, and to take Messi not just run its clause, amounting to 250 million , and would also have to convince the Argentine star to leave Barcelona, ??something that seems very complicated.

Messi joined Barcelona at the age of 13 years thanks to the Catalan club agreed to bear the costs of hormonal disease , which prevented him from develop properly, something he could not afford his home club, Newell’s Old Boys. If the entity now chaired by Sandro Rosell had not invested heavily in Argentina, most likely Messi would not be a footballer today . For all this, Leo Messi out of Barcelona does not provide any way, unless the club itself would part with it, something that seems almost impossible, so that the words of Al-Khelaifi should not unsettle to the blaugrana fans.

also surprising twist that has occurred in recent days Thiago Silva. If leaked last week that his desire was to play in Barcelona with Messi and Neymar, Brazilian center now 28 states that it intends to fulfill his contract with PSG, which expires in June 2017 . So, unless there is an unexpected twist, it would make sense that Barcelona’s Brazilian forget to be launched by one of the alternatives that manages to reinforce the rear axle. The names that sound more are David Luiz , also Brazilian center who plays for Chelsea of ??Mourinho, and I

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