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Antoine Griezmann, in the orbit of Real Madrid

The excellent performance of Antoine Griezmann, who is completing a spectacular season, is not going unnoticed. When known interest from teams like Juventus , Arsenal or PSG to be done with this young talent is joined Real Sociedad now the Real Madrid , according to various media point. Florentino Perez and knows that to win the French must pay the termination clause, as happened last summer with Illarramendi .

Born in Macon 22 years ago, Antoine Griezmann Real Sociedad came 13 years after being discarded by several French clubs, including Olympique Lyon and since then his football career has been meteoric . In the 2009/10 season, which ended with the final climb of txuriurdin club, took the first realistic Griezmann directly from the youth team, and since then has improved his numbers unstoppable to become, to date Today, in one of the figures League .

This season The txuriurdin squad has broken all records currently being exceeded only by Cristiano Ronaldo and in the scoring charts, which has drawn the attention of the big teams Europe, who yearn for taking the services of one of the most talented players in European football. The last one, the Real Madrid , who according to various media would be very interested in his signing of the forthcoming season.

In San Sebastian, and goes almost secure his departure in June , the institution watching the teams interested in his signing and the spectacular performance that is offering the shirt of the Royal Society, although its output may be hindered if the club is classified txuriurdin again for the Champions League . The club chaired by Jokin Aperribay believes that if Real does fight marking each season European competition objective is to play harder than his figures want to go.

In today Antoine Griezmann name on everyone’s lips is, apart from the alleged interest from Real Madrid, for his debut in a call for the national team of France. The French coach Didier Deschamps, has released the list of 24 players who will be next March 5 to face in Paris, in a friendly match, the Netherlands, and among them is the txuriurdin player , which was sanctioned by the Federation of their country until last December 31 for an overnight getaway, along with several colleagues when he was concentrated with the selection-21

Given the proximity of the World, to be held next summer, it seems that Griezmann be in Brazil defending the colors of their country.

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Article Antoine Griezmann, in the orbit of Real Madrid has originally been published in Football News

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Courtois, also in the orbit of Real Madrid

Thibaut Courtois has become a target for Real Madrid next season, according to published today sports daily AS . The Belgian, who plays for Atl

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The Real Union, a historic club to the brink


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Real Madrid and Atletico much of the season playing against each other

carlo ancelotti diego simeone atletico madrid real madrid aldima20130928 march 0014 real madrid and atletico opt much of the season playing against each other

The match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid If this had happened two seasons ago, the white fans would be rubbing his hands as would present a triple triumph of own as had been customary during the preceding 14 seasons. But the good Cholo That gives more excitement to all. Precedents are still there but seem to have balanced forces and also Atletico What do you think will happen in these derbies? Will he return to the Real Madrid imposed or get Atletico continue to give trouble to their rich neighbors

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Racing players threaten to not play against Real Sociedad

situation Racing de Santander, which takes time immersed in serious economic mismanagement by its directives recent years , has become untenable. The players, who spent several months without pay, sick of the false promises of racinguista directive, issued a statement claiming that if the board does not resign in the next few hours, will not play Thursday against the Royal Society .

Before Workout this morning, Mario Fern

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Sergio Canales, very close to signing for Real Sociedad

Sergio Canales could become the next days, maybe in the next few hours, a new player of Real Societies d. The club txuriurdin searches the winter strengthening their midfield and the Spaniard seems to be chosen player of Valencia, who according point different media have accepted the offer realistic, so just missing the approval of the team che .

Following the departure of Asier Illarramendi , who joined last summer by Real Madrid , after paying the club chaired by Florentino Perez an amount close to 39 million euros , Royal took services Esteban Granero , who arrived in San Sebastian as yielded by Queen’s Park Rangers injured a few months ago and gravity seems that the Royal Society has now decided to go to the winter market to compete effectively in the second league round, where their aspirations to play is played in Europe for the second consecutive year.

After highlighting the greatly Racing de Santander , Sergio Canales joined Real Madrid in the 2010/11 season, which was a slowdown in progression , by signing too early for such a powerful machine as merengue. After a spell in Madrid, in which he had not too many opportunities, Canales played the next two seasons on loan at Valencia , who later ran the option that was saved in the negotiations for assignment.

Overtaken two breaks cruciate ligament , injuries that occurred in the 2011/12 season, Sergio Canales still seeking its place in the national football, though in Valencia has not had too much prominence since returning to the pitch twelve months ago. This has meant that the player himself has asked out during the winter in search of minutes to keep progressing and not get stuck with only 22 years old . If negotiations come to fruition, Sergio Canales play at Real Sociedad on loan until next June

This season, Canales has played 800 minutes across 18 league games , and almost all of them has come off the bench. Although appears next agreement with the Royal Society, the txuriurdin picture is not the only one interested to gain the services of one of the most promising players in the national football because several teams, among which is the Getafe , so want.

few days ago, his father, and also representative Canales said he wanted to leave Valencia in search of a few minutes would not be looking at Valencia. “ Believe that with the arrival of the new coaching staff has no options to play and are in that way out. After the injuries he has suffered is fine and wants to play games in a row, so I prefer to go somewhere else

“were his words

More info - Valencia, eyes looking forward Felipe Caicedo

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The Real Madrid do not want to imagine the progress of Xabi Alonso

The words of this icon of Real Madrid, member of the Quinta del Vulture and one of the candidates to merengue bench for the future coincide with the overall feel of the Basque supporters watching the Tolosa And is that seeing the difficulties that have been in the Real Madrid whenever Alonso You think he’s right to claim the Madrid fans Xabi permanence Alonso


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Can you imagine you playing at Real Madrid rose?

opt 83998 570x325 can you imagine you playing at real madrid rose?

Few imagine Real Madrid That is what the web says Footy Headlines Interestingly

this site also recently announced one at least curious news. The Bayern Munich of Pep Guardiola’s Barca regain stripes … with what dress very similar to the Bavarians coach former team.

What do you think the pink shirt of Real Madrid? Think you have good acceptance in case of his official confirmed next season

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Pellegrini and his new opportunity to win the Real Madrid …

manuel pellegrini pellegrini opt 010 and another opportunity to win over real madrid ...

Manuel Pellegrini , Chilean coach which showed in Villarreal and Malaga is one of the best head football think the current situation is a new chance to win over Real Madrid thanks the Champions League draw, which has paired the Manchester City club that trains Engineer, And is that despite that Pellegrini did in its day it was the best league in over a hundred years of the club … the team finished with zero titles because the Barcelona achieved a score even higher, Alcorc

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Real Madrid should be renewed as soon as possible to Xabi Alonso

xabi alonso has not yet revealed its future opt 65434 should renew real madrid xabi alonso as soon as possible

Tolosa In fact his return to the pitch has given the Real the seeking and plus Ancelotti

Every game that jumps to 14 white lawn is most evident one thing will cost replace him when he leaves the team … and that’s something we should anticipate renewing as soon as possible to ensure their presence in the workforce for the next couple of years, in which, if you dosed properly, can contribute much to the Madrid project seems tailor-made to win trophies, something that seems difficult without ex-realistic on the lawn of the Santiago Bernabeu .

Do you think the Real Madrid Xabi Alonso must renew? How many seasons do you think we should offer?

Article Real Madrid should be renewed as soon as possible to Xabi Alonso was originally published in News Football.

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