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The resignation of Carlos Vela World causes a stir in Mexico

Carlos Vela will not be in the World Cup in Brazil. The Mexican striker Royal Society , as has been happening in the last four years, again waiving his selection, after a meeting with Miguel Herrera , the Tri coach , Madrid . This decision has provoked harsh criticism at home, because almost no one in Mexico understands that a player gives up something as prestigious as representing his country in a World Cup .

The own Miguel Herrera , which met on Sunday with Carlos Vela in Madrid, taking advantage of the Royal Society was in the Spanish capital play their league match against Atletico Madrid , to learn first hand the willingness of the player face to be called to play the World Cup, the media reported that Cancun will not ultimately in Brazil . ” “.

Given the hype that has been formed in New Mexico before Carlos Vela refusal to donning the shirt of the Tri while reaching accuse some media, and not just fans of high treason , footballer of the Royal Society, the best Mexican soccer player of the moment , sent a letter to the media explaining the reason for its decision, making clear that person is consistent with their actions .

At every meeting I’ve had with various people, who once were the technicians responsible for the selection, them I externship that my country is Mexico and it always will be. However, this process has been developed for the next World Cup just, I have not been 100% mentally to represent or be part of this representative, who deserves the best of my respect . When you do, it will be because I will be at that time, provided of course, there is still interest in part responsible for the proper selection to be called. Only 23 players will go to Brazil. The vast majority or all attending the World will be very fortunate. Some of these 23 have lived, enjoyed and suffered this rating would not be fair of me to any of them to let me stay out instead

Some also says, as the journalist Ricardo Magall

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The arrival of Di Canio fascist Sunderland bench leads to the resignation of his vice

Paolo Di Canio gained fame for his football rather than by ideology. He has never hidden his admiration for Benito Mussolini , which went on to say that “ was deeply misunderstood character ” and in his time as a player for Lazio went on to state that “fascist am , but not racist. ” Born in Rome for 44 years, Di Caino has tattooed on his back stands “”, in honor of Duce Italian. In addition, his strong character led him in his day, when he defended the colors of Sheffield Wednesday , to receive one of the harshest penalties imposed by the FA, who was punished with 11-game suspension after demolishing pushed by an arbitrator after it expelled him. Di Caino in 2005 also took over much of the front pages of newspapers worldwide sports, to celebrate with the Nazi salute the victory of Lazio, who was active in the team then, on the Roma.

‘m fascist but not racist . I Roman salute to greet my fans and to share my ideas. outstretched arm never wants to be an incitement to violence and racial hatred least . We are in a democracy and I am very proud to be Roman, so I celebrated the goal with the Roman salute, which did Antony and Adriano , 2000 years before Mussolini. And besides, you have to tolerate everything. Some one like raving about Fidel Castro , when Cuba is open jail world’s largest, where opponents still disappear, and come to break the balls to me for how goals celebration, when ever I had a racial incident against anyone. One who claims to be communist nobody accuses him of the crimes of the communist past, but if you say it is a democratic right-wing think becomes a monster “is justified then the coach now Sunderland .

Born 44 years ago in the Italian capital, Di Caino signed for Lazio, the club he was faithful follower. He himself was the one who founded the ultra Irriducibili of neo-fascist clear, considered himself rightist and nationalist . Usually placed in the north corner of the Olympic Stadium in Rome, where usually display banners with swastikas, and consider their greatest enemy Rome considering it “ a team of black and Jewish Tribune “. It is also quite common to see them these 2,000 ultras, that in some games reach 6,000, making the Nazi salute and have led to many incidents of violence fascist and / or racist, which has caused several severe penalties to his own team.

Despite the controversy surrounding his signing, Ellis Short , chairman of Sunderland is convinced that Di Canio is the right man to correct the course of the club and wanted to downplay the issue. “Paolo is excited by the challenge. The sole focus for everyone in the next seven games is ensure enough points to keep the category “has assured the British media. Piara Powar , network Football Against Racism in Europe has criticized the signing of Di Canio saying in his Twitter account that “fascism is the first coach in the Premier League . Di Canio is a fascist and faced allegations of racism. “

Does well in hiring Di Sunderland Canio? And David Miliband, does the right thing the Vice President to resign Sunderland?

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