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Gareth Bale could return to the Premier League next season

Real Madrid last summer presented Gareth Bale , for which the club chaired by Florentino Perez paid an amount close to 100 million euros , said on Tottenham at the time, and now, when carried played seven months of competition, you can only say that today the signing of Welsh, called to be a leader of the League for the price paid for it, is a real fiasco .


suggest different means Carlo Ancelotti is getting tired tired of alleged physical problems signing merengue brand, and is of the view that what really happens is that Gareth Bale is not knowing pressure suit of playing in a team like Real Madrid. So much so, that according to these media Italian coach has thought to ask Florentino Perez, if the situation does not change between now and June Welsh, who yields to the Premier League available for minutes remove this pressure off that grips you. Of course, after the fortune that paid for it, Florentino Perez would not do anything to give grace its media signing this season.

To date, Gareth Bale, who was destined to play a leading role in merengue template has only played 923 minutes in the league, spread over 14 games, and has completed only 90 minutes in 6 of them . Despite having already 8 goals in the league, Gareth Bale’s performance to date in the Real Madrid is not being, much less, as expected, since Welsh is far of that player who copaba the covers of the English press last season.

The same could be said of the other two signings that made the Royal Madrid last summer, Isco e Illarramendi . While former player M

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Dorlan Pabon near return to Betis


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Xabi Alonso ponders return to the Royal Society in June


It seems that Xabi Alonso will not continue next season at Real Madrid , since the apparently has decided not to renew his contract with the entity chaired by Florentino Perez, which expires on June 30. According to various sources, midfielder tolosarra 31 years could return next season the club where he trained as a player, the Royal Society , but has a succulent of the Juventus .

Xabi Alonso has always maintained his desire to retire as a player in the ranks of the club that gave him the opportunity to be a professional footballer seems time to return to the Royal Society has come. tolosarra turns 32 next November and if his desire to return home is real, it can not wait for more . The only thing that seems to change her mind could make Gipuzkoa midfielder would be received an irresistible offer and there enters fray Juventus , which is ready to throw the house out the window for hire for Xabi Alonso counteract the possible departure of Andrea Pirlo , you just contract with the club also transalpine next June.

The Real Madrid accepted the request of Xabi Alonso to let him go after fulfilling his contract without receiving any money in return , rightly moved this past summer to find the ideal replacement Tolosa and paid 39 million for the transfer of Asier Illarramendi . The idea was that Florentino Perez and Xabi Illarra play together this season and was adapting to Mutriku play Real Madrid next summer when it comes time to output new signing Xabi Alonso Real Madrid are ready to take the reins of merengue team.

There is also a fact that can be very revealing about the future of Xabi Alonso. The Royal Society sought during the transfer market last summer a midfielder to strengthen his midfield, something lame after Illarramendi outlet , but in no case shuffled sign a midfielder in property but in a loan . This may be because the Real is aware that Xabi Alonso wants to go home, which is why the organization headed by Jokin Aperribay would not have spent a single euro to strengthen its core despite having the coffers full your input for the transfer of Illarramendi.

Although the Royal Society seems willing to welcome with open arms the return of Xabi Alonso, there is considerable concern in San Sebastian by physical problems lately has suffered brain of the Red , since no one wants a repeat of what happened with Joseba Llorente , which could not only play at the Royal in his second season as txuriurdin injured arriving from Villarreal.

What do you think Xabi Alonso ? Tolosa she return the next season to the Royal Society or finish signing for another team?

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Samuel Eto’o no longer the world’s highest-paid return with Mourinho

Samuel Eto’o will play this season in the Chelsea , which will coincide with Mourinho. To call at the London club, the 32 Cameroonian striker had to stoop considerably its tab , and will happen to collect twenty million per year, which made him the highest paid footballer the planet, six billion through next June when his contract expires.

agreed Mourinho and Eto’o in Inter Milan in the season 2009/10, in which the whole gain achieved transalpine triplet to win League , Cup and Champions League , with the Cameroonian the only player in the world who has won two triplets consecutive , because the previous year had done the same with the Barcelona . Now, Cameroon, after painful step by Anzhi Russian, he has played the last two seasons, has decided to stoop his salary back to win titles. At least, that’s the idea of ??Cameroon.

Born 32 years ago in Nikon, Samuel Eto ‘or came to Spain in the year 1996, when the Real Madrid decided to sign him for the subsidiary merengue. After descending to the 2nd box B meringue, Real Madrid Legan

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Real Madrid’s youth system and the Bundesliga: Carvajal return, others will try their luck

dani carvajal in a match of bayer leverkusen's youth system and real madrid bundesliga return carvajal, others will try their luck

Real Madrid The good work of Carvajal But the Real Madrid could use a player of his quarry to lower the cost of Carvajal around, with Russian Denis Tcherysev Jesse Rodriguez is another like much in the Bundesliga and you might try your luck the next season while it has every chance to stay one more year in the German championship is Adan

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Marcelo Bielsa could return to Chile, his second home

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Torres makes merit to return to the Red

torres makes merit to return to la roja

But it is equally true that Fernando Torres has accumulated many merits as to stop taken into account, such as the goal in the final of Euro 2008 against Germany which capped Spain And is that the two goals of Fuenlabrada striker did to Rubin Kazan

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Messi is not ruled out of the return to the PSG

Although initially jumped alarms at Bar

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Guardiola Bayern seek to return to reign in Europe Catalan Will he succeed without Messi and company?

Bayern Munich is the current Bundesliga leaders, most notably, taking the second place nine points. The rest will seek Guardiola from next season is get back Bayern win the Champions League , a tournament that has not won since 2001 and which was runner-up last year, to be overtaken by Chelsea in a penalty shootout.

Pep’s signing by Bayern also serve to evaluate their work coach , it has only trained Catalan Barca, where he win all the titles, both national and international, and in Germany the cracks will not Blaugrana . We’ll see how he manages without Messi, Xabi, Iniesta and company, as there are few who argue that without them coach Guardiola would be a lot . You now have the opportunity to prove that they are wrong.

well Gaurdiola ago in a move to Bayern Munich? Will without Messi, Xabi, Iniesta and company gain the Champions League in any of the three seasons he has signed for the Bavarians?

More - Bayern tab Guardiola: Full success of the German

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Will he return to the title in 2013 Iker Casillas? Could you lose your place in the team?

The substitution of Iker Casillas If this second happens, maybe Iker problems come in the summer when the Spanish team Confederations Cup dispute, as if finally Adam Do you think Casillas lose ownership at Real Madrid? And in the Red?

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