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The Royal Society marks the way forward

are bad times for football. called “bubble football ” is about to explode and equipment, used until recently to make big payouts to train their staff must change their modus operandi . The solution is clear, go for the quarry, something that is a reference the Royal Society , with a workforce plagued by homegrown has played this season Champions League and morning his pass is played to the Final Cup , which is very commendable and praiseworthy.

In recent years we have observed as the teams in the league, except Barcelona , Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid , are increasingly having difficulty insoles guarantee. Football no longer generates as much money as before and there are few teams that draw millions in debts that can not cope . Given this situation, the solution is simple, yet complicated; quarry. I say it’s complicated, because this work takes time and dedication, and there are many teams who have long neglected the work with the quarry.

The role model is clear, just look at the Royal Society. txuriurdin entity that always characterized by his philosophy quarry for years fell into the trap of not signing every year few foreigners who did not improve at all what you had in your own home. So relegation to Second Division came in the 2006/07 season. After wasting millions in signing mediocrities, the Royal Society was due to this disastrous management, to the verge of bankruptcy when I

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The Royal Society is playing in the Ukraine

The Royal Society held Wednesday its most crucial in recent months game, as donostiarras should win Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine to continue competing in European competition this season, either the Champions League or the Europa League. The match will start at 20:45 hours and will be broadcast on Canal + Champions League .

Following the results obtained by the discrete txuriurdin team so far in the group stage of the Champions League, where the Jagoba Arrasate only been able to score a point in four games to date , despite deserve much more, the Royal Society closes Group A of Europe’s premier club competition. Aware of the difficulty of the undertaking, the Real still has options to remain in the Champions League.

If donostiarras want to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League, must win two matches of the group stage that detract from play (against Shakhtar and Bayer Leverkusen) and hope that the Manchester United do the same before German and Ukrainian . If that is the case, the team would txuriurdin second group, after the United, and would get in the top 16 teams in European football an accomplishment for a team that was four years ago in the Second Division .

The other alternative is to continue the Real in European competition, being third in its group, it is not a simple undertaking, since it also requires Mondragon Jagoba to win both their matches against Bayer Leverkusen and Shakhtar . If Real was just third in its group will directly the 1/16 finals of the Europa League , a more affordable competition but gives much less income.

After a start of something irregular season, the Royal Society comes to deciding match on Wednesday at its best. Mondragon Jagoba pupils have got the hang of playing two games during the week and have traced positions in League thanks to the good results obtained by the San Sebastian in the last days of the season, which led him to pull himself up to sixth qualifying table . In addition, the epic comeback txuriurdin team last Saturday against Celta Vigo that was put with the score at 1-3 with a sidereal Carlos Vela that marked the four goals, have lifted the spirits of both equipment and realistic hobby.

To win in Ukraine, the Real will have to recover the good game that unfolded the last season, which delighted and strangers, and has been shown sparingly this season. To do this, , where the Lucescu took his two chances to take the match.

Jagoba Mondragon will be without the injured Carlos Mart

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The Royal Society shields Imanol Agirretxe

The Royal Society continues its successful youth policy, trying to tie up their stars and Wednesday has officially renewed the contract of Imanol Agirretxe , the ram txuriurdin who last season was on everyone’s lips for his spectacular performance in the second half of the season, where in addition to scoring many goals, showed a very high level and was one of the architects of the impressive season of his team, who managed to finish the League in fourth place in the table.

Imanol Agirretxe, whose contract expired with the Royal Society in June 2015, will wear the elastic txuriurdin until June 2018 , after negotiations in which tuning has always reigned between the two sides, as the Usurbil ram is not playing with another shirt other than that of the Real, but recent months has been followed by several teams, especially in the Premier League . It so happens that 2015 Agirretxe signed in January 2012, a little less than two years.

Born in the province of Gipuzkoa Usurbil 26 years ago, Imanol Agirretxe came to the Royal Society in youth , after his short time in the Cadet Athletic motivated by that Antiguoko , the club where he began kicking the ball, was at that time agreed Athletic. The signing of the Real Agirretxe raised some controversy at the time between the two Basque teams , since the usurbildarra was considered one of the most promising young Basque football.

The realistic squad seems to be a type front diesel , as they usually usually advanced show its full potential and competition , as happened Last season, in which in the first round was almost 500 minutes without a goal, and the second is left as a scorer and as many carats ram, attracting the attention of Vicente Del Bosque own , as recognized in more than one occasion the national team.

This season, Agirretxe not yet achieved debut as a striker . After overcoming an injury sustained in pre-season, the striker realistic costing you a lot to find the net, perhaps by excessive anxiety that grips. Still and all, Jagoba Arrasate , as a large segment of the hobby txuriurdin, is willing to wait for releases its romance with the goal as San Sebastian is known that, as between First, you will see the best version of Imanol Agirretxe.

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Xabi Alonso ponders return to the Royal Society in June


It seems that Xabi Alonso will not continue next season at Real Madrid , since the apparently has decided not to renew his contract with the entity chaired by Florentino Perez, which expires on June 30. According to various sources, midfielder tolosarra 31 years could return next season the club where he trained as a player, the Royal Society , but has a succulent of the Juventus .

Xabi Alonso has always maintained his desire to retire as a player in the ranks of the club that gave him the opportunity to be a professional footballer seems time to return to the Royal Society has come. tolosarra turns 32 next November and if his desire to return home is real, it can not wait for more . The only thing that seems to change her mind could make Gipuzkoa midfielder would be received an irresistible offer and there enters fray Juventus , which is ready to throw the house out the window for hire for Xabi Alonso counteract the possible departure of Andrea Pirlo , you just contract with the club also transalpine next June.

The Real Madrid accepted the request of Xabi Alonso to let him go after fulfilling his contract without receiving any money in return , rightly moved this past summer to find the ideal replacement Tolosa and paid 39 million for the transfer of Asier Illarramendi . The idea was that Florentino Perez and Xabi Illarra play together this season and was adapting to Mutriku play Real Madrid next summer when it comes time to output new signing Xabi Alonso Real Madrid are ready to take the reins of merengue team.

There is also a fact that can be very revealing about the future of Xabi Alonso. The Royal Society sought during the transfer market last summer a midfielder to strengthen his midfield, something lame after Illarramendi outlet , but in no case shuffled sign a midfielder in property but in a loan . This may be because the Real is aware that Xabi Alonso wants to go home, which is why the organization headed by Jokin Aperribay would not have spent a single euro to strengthen its core despite having the coffers full your input for the transfer of Illarramendi.

Although the Royal Society seems willing to welcome with open arms the return of Xabi Alonso, there is considerable concern in San Sebastian by physical problems lately has suffered brain of the Red , since no one wants a repeat of what happened with Joseba Llorente , which could not only play at the Royal in his second season as txuriurdin injured arriving from Villarreal.

What do you think Xabi Alonso ? Tolosa she return the next season to the Royal Society or finish signing for another team?

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The Royal Society is negotiating the sale of Casemiro


Casemiro could leave Real Madrid at the latest during the winter transfer window that will open in January. Your destination is probably the Royal Society, which studies reinforce its severe spinal injury after Esteban Granero, who remain six low. As has uncovered the Fano Oier journalist in his Twitter account, Jokin Aperribay and Florentino Perez met today in Madrid and, although the reason for this meeting has not transpired, this could be related to the transfer of Casemiro.

Following the refusal of Jonathan Dos Santos, who was chosen by the sports management txuriurdin to replace the loss of the injured Esteban Granero, it seems that Real will to try to get the assignment of a Casemiro that after to shine in the preseason merengue, has been ostracized by the entrance of Asier Illarramendi, who after overcoming his injury has made a place in the starting of Ancelotti.

Jokin Although both Aperribay as Arrasate Jagoba have suggested that there is sure to strengthen the midfield and much less before they reopen the transfer market, it seems that the Real is negotiating the transfer of midfielder of 21 who arrived last season at Real Madrid from Sao Paulo. Apparently, both the player and the club chaired by Florentino Perez would be willing to agree to Casemiro take minutes on a team like the Royal Society, which implemented a perfect football for the characteristics of promising footballer Rio.

The Royal Society tried throughout the summer the transfer of Jonathan Dos Santos, who was the number one candidate to offset the decline of Asier Illarramendi. When the deal seemed closed, came relapse Tito Vilanova and the arrival of Tata the bench Martino hurdle, preventing it closed the deal. Given this, the Royal was launched to close the next on the list, which was none other than Esteban Granero, who reached an agreement that landed in San Sebastian on loan.

When the Pirate had made a place Arrasate Jagoba team and was starting to stand, Barn fell seriously injured in the first game of the group stage of the Champions League played against Shakhtar Donetsk. The Real again made contact with Dos Santos and he again rejected the offer txuriurdin, which has led to the entity txuriurdin negotiate with Real Madrid transfer of Casemiro.

Would Casemiro a good reinforcement for the Royal Society?

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What happens to the Royal Society?


If anything is surprising in these early stages of the season is the understated performance that is offering the Royal Society, the team that last season delighted and strangers with football cheerful, colorful and effective . The Jagoba trained now Arrasate , who started this course at a very high level now total six days consecutive winless League , but it is also true that only been defeated by Barcelona Tata Martino and Athletic of Cholo Simeone in the domestic championship.

season 2013/14 was presented to the doubts sown txuriurdin environment, and that the team had not performed at the level expected in the preseason games and had to deal with three competitions ; League, Cup and European competition. These doubts appeared to be ATRA with the big boot donostiarras, which debuted in solvent League with a win against Getafe and eliminated, too brilliantly, to Olympique de Lyon in previous Campions League. But after the tie against the Gauls, realistic computer performance has dropped considerably, to the point of never win a game.

In San Sebasti

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Jonathan Dos Santos away, again, of the Royal Society


Jonathan Dos Santos, the leading candidate to strengthen midfield after the Royal Society serious injury Esteban Granero , which could be taken down by the entity txuriurdin to supplement their low now that the transfer window is closed, could again reject the set of San Sebastian, according point different media, despite the very Martino has confirmed that the possibility of the Mexican Real go yielded to feasible.

Apparently, Dos Santos, who was very close to being transferred to the Royal Society during the summer transfer market, the arrival of Tata Martino cul

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The Royal Society wants to break into the big European

be all decked Anoeta on Wednesday with the intention of living a historic night. After a decade in which the fans txuriurdin has experienced more hardship than joy, the Royal Society is one step to interfere between the clubs in Europe . To this end, Jagoba Arrasate will have to enforce the income achieved two goals last week in Gerland. The match will start at 20:45 am and will be broadcast on Canal +.

not going to have anything easy the Royal Society to one Olympique Lyon used to play the group stage of the Champions League , but if Arrasate display their soccer team which gave an exhibition in Lyon in the first leg, presumably very difficult, almost impossible, for Les Gones get the deed to turn the tie.

The Royal Society She won the contest the continental showpiece clubs to finish fourth Liga, after giving an authentic touch football display, cheerful and very attractive that allowed them to lose just one game in the second around the domestic competition. Phlippe Montanier , despite a very hesitant start, which was very questioned even by the directive txuriurdin, managed to find the key to a template filled carburara real “gamers”, most Zubieta trained them.

After a very tumultuous summer in San Sebastian, on the painful march Asier Illarramendi , who accepted a succulent economic offer Real Madrid to leave the team he trained as a footballer at the sadness of a hobby that I thought was the new Aranburu Asier , Seferovic arrivals , which is offering impressive performance since landing in the capital of Gipuzkoa, and Barn , have returned to the parish excite txuriurdin, who dreams of living an unforgettable night Wednesday.

For Wednesday’s decisive Arrasate Jagoba most likely can not count Carlos Martinez , one of the greatest exponents of txuriurdin box. The of Muddy, chosen by UEFA as the best right back in the Premier League 2012-13 , not end to recover from the blow he suffered in the final minutes of the first leg a week ago at Gerland and competition is virtually excluded.

Antoine Griezmann , who was one of the protagonists of Gerland, with a great performance rounded a goal that went around the world , is certainly also to deal with their “neighbors”. The M

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The Royal Society will meet tomorrow to his rival in the Champions League Preview

day arrives expected both the fans of the Royal Society, excited to a season in which his team again, ten years later, to play European competition. Tomorrow Friday, from 11:45, will take place in the French town of Nyon the draw for the Champions League Preview , in which the Royal Society know the man to beat to be eligible to participate in the group stage of the maximum continental club tournament.

The group trained now Jagoba Arrasate will face an opponent care. If you already knew three of the five possible opponents ( Arsenal , Milan and Schalke 04 ), the third phase of the Champions League, which ended yesterday , has brought Lyon and Zenit St Petersburg coompleten the Pot 1, where the rival team will Gipuzkoa. In Pot 2, next to the Royal Society , will Pacos Ferrerira Portuguese, Fenerbah

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The Royal Society runs several options to counteract Illarramendi output

Real Sociedad hopes to close in the coming days the signing of a midfielder to strengthen medullary take output after Asier Illarramendi , who has signed for Real Madrid, and three are names that have leaked to the media; Jonathan Dos Santos (Barcelona) Josh McEachran (Chelsea) and Sotiris Ninis (Parma).

brother Giovani, who has recently signed by Villarreal, Jonathan Dos Santos is a favorite of sports management txuriurdin to try to counter Illarramendi output. Although negotiations with Mexico and Barcelona were practically closed ten days ago, the arrival of Blaugrana bench Tata Martino , which has not yet decided the discards has hampered its landing in San Sebastian. It is expected that between today and tomorrow to unlock the situation of Bar

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