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Gareth Bale could return to the Premier League next season

Real Madrid last summer presented Gareth Bale , for which the club chaired by Florentino Perez paid an amount close to 100 million euros , said on Tottenham at the time, and now, when carried played seven months of competition, you can only say that today the signing of Welsh, called to be a leader of the League for the price paid for it, is a real fiasco .


suggest different means Carlo Ancelotti is getting tired tired of alleged physical problems signing merengue brand, and is of the view that what really happens is that Gareth Bale is not knowing pressure suit of playing in a team like Real Madrid. So much so, that according to these media Italian coach has thought to ask Florentino Perez, if the situation does not change between now and June Welsh, who yields to the Premier League available for minutes remove this pressure off that grips you. Of course, after the fortune that paid for it, Florentino Perez would not do anything to give grace its media signing this season.

To date, Gareth Bale, who was destined to play a leading role in merengue template has only played 923 minutes in the league, spread over 14 games, and has completed only 90 minutes in 6 of them . Despite having already 8 goals in the league, Gareth Bale’s performance to date in the Real Madrid is not being, much less, as expected, since Welsh is far of that player who copaba the covers of the English press last season.

The same could be said of the other two signings that made the Royal Madrid last summer, Isco e Illarramendi . While former player M

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Real Madrid and Atletico much of the season playing against each other

carlo ancelotti diego simeone atletico madrid real madrid aldima20130928 march 0014 real madrid and atletico opt much of the season playing against each other

The match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid If this had happened two seasons ago, the white fans would be rubbing his hands as would present a triple triumph of own as had been customary during the preceding 14 seasons. But the good Cholo That gives more excitement to all. Precedents are still there but seem to have balanced forces and also Atletico What do you think will happen in these derbies? Will he return to the Real Madrid imposed or get Atletico continue to give trouble to their rich neighbors

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Encourage Basque football league now and the end of season

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Basque football Athletic Bilbao The Valverde Moreover the Royal Society And maybe, as many teams carrying without continental competition contest


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Deulofeu wants to play next season at Real Sociedad

The great season being conducted by the Royal Society, who will play next year European competition , not happening unnoticed far for both teams who yearn for taking the services of one of its cracks and for players who see the txuriurdin an ideal equipment to keep progressing in your career. This is the case with the last pearl La Masia outlet , Gerard Deulofeu, who yesterday signed his renewal with Barcelona until June 2017.

It seems that during the negotiations to extend the contract of the Catalan youngster, both parties, the Catalans club and the player himself, concluded that the best thing for his development as a footballer is that next season Deulofeu milite on loan in League team to dispute European competition . The two sides believe that the last bead counter out of La Masia continue another in the Blaugrana subsidiary. As reported in Gipuzkoa News , Deulofeu team is chosen by the Royal Society .

Both family as footballer Gerard himself believe that a team like the Royal Society, which is characterized by care for the youth and provide opportunities for their young talent, is the ideal place to Deulofeu exploit that finished as a player, as the Football is too small and the Blaugrana first team still has no place . At just 19 years old, Gerard Deulofeu is destined to be one of the leaders of the club’s future. Possessing exquisite technique, the Catalan youngster can act both right and left end. highlighting greatly when overflow per band. What’s more, it is also a player with a goal. Not surprisingly, today is the third top scorer in the Liga Adelante , thanks to the 18 goals he has scored so far.

San Sebasti

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Iker Casillas meditates play next season in the Premier League

At this point, no one can deny the confrontation between Iker Casillas and Jose Mourinho , so it can not be considered surprising recent reports in various media regarding the possible departure of goalkeeper Madrid 31 years this summer. His fate could be the Premier League , as several British teams are interested in taking the services considered by not a few as the best goalkeeper in the world.

The distance between Iker Casillas and Mourinho has its origin in August 2011, immediately after the Real Madrid lose Super against Barcelona Pep Guardiola . The white keeper then complained of a partial arbitration, especially for the expulsion of teammate Marcelo , but after seeing repeated the party phoned Puyol and Xabi , team mates, for their recognition that their protest had been exaggerated. Iker looked after the interests of the selection , something that the Portuguese did not understand, or would not understand. Since then, their relationship has deteriorated to the point that for the Luso Iker is no longer an essential part in the team.

The close environment of international goalkeeper takes a few days dropping the possibility that Iker Casillas leave white discipline this summer , despite four seasons quedarle contract yet if Mourinho remains confident Diego Lopez in the remainder of the season, and especially if the Setubal continues to lead the Madrid bench. Iker always said that you like the Premier League and on occasion has said that if he ever forced to leave Real Madrid, the club he military since he was nine years old , the Premier would be an interesting option.

Because of all this, and have begun to come to light rumors, both in England and in our country, which may be the new destination Casillas, if you finally decide to leave Real Madrid. Remember that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is just around the corner and the international watchdog seems unwilling to spend the next season in the shadow of a Diego Lopez , that it must be said, is performing at an excellent level . Iker, of course, do not want to miss what could be his last World Cup.

So far there are three teams that have come to the fore as interested in gain the services of Iker Casillas, and all three are British; Arsenal , Manchester City and Manchester United . Arsene Wenger’s Gunners seek to gain competitiveness in Europe and for that want to incorporate into your template to a world-class goalkeeper. The City, more of the same, as the Citizens are looking to strengthen their goal, they consider not covered to rise to the occasion, while the Red Devils Ferguson seeking an experienced goalkeeper to counteract youth David de Gea .

The price would not be a problem for these three British teams, since they all seem willing to pay 20 million euros which apparently cost the transfer Iker and 7.6 million euros net in annual charges Real Madrid. The Premier League is the best paying their players and there the keeper of the Red would pay less tax. The problem for the Real Madrid Casillas is that if you leave the club in June, have to go to the market , for Adam not continue in the discipline from June merengue. In any case, some of the 20 million euros he would receive for the transfer of Casillas could be used for the hiring of Roberto or osasunista Andres Fernandez , and they both really like the merengue sports management.

If you had to choose one of the two to continue at Real Madrid, by whom you decantar

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Fran Yeste could go to the Levante this season

As reported in the journal AS , the idea was born a few days ago, when Fran Yeste, who was in Valencia, agreed at a restaurant with the coach the Levant, Javi Pereira , with whom he had a pleasant chat in which it emerged the player may return to Vizcaino pitch. A Pereira was attracted to the idea and forwarded it to Juan Ignacio Martinez , who after studying the proposal gave the nod to the operation, in hopes that it decides itself of sports management club Levante . Hoping short dress again, Yeste has already entren

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Charged Mourinho Real Madrid 10 million and go to end of season

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Mourinho and De La Morena in an image file


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Cartagena president accuses several of his players last season sold

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Do you plan Mourinho next season? There is something wrong …

From the media However, in the last hours to come to light information that and Mou and Karanka has sent to spy Rui Faria Ukrainian Yarmolenko What is clear is that we sent some misinformation as Luso or output is not as clear or not really planning the next season as coach of the white … Which of the two do you think is wrong? …

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Florentino Kaka still has hopes for next season …

florentino perez + + real + madrid + presents + kaka + n jcu16h9y9l still hopeful florentino opt in kaka for next season ...

According to some media, economic conditions are not the only cause of the breakdown of negotiations until yesterday kept Milan and Real Madrid

And it Florentino , despite claiming that the signing of Kaka is amortized to spare with marketing gains the player has provided the white team, still hopeful that his dream of seeing Brazilian playmaker triumphing with white elastic finish happening.

Do you think Kaka could still succeed at Real Madrid?

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