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Outrage in San Sebastian with arbitrations and attitude of Barcelona

The semifinal Copa del Rey disputed between Real Sociedad and Barcelona continues to speak. While in Barcelona said the club qualified for the Final with an exhibition -obviously nonexistent, in San Sebasti

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Xabi Alonso, all back to San Sebastian?

On January 1 is right around the corner and Xabi Alonso, whose contract with Real Madrid expires next June, still renew his contract, so thereafter can negotiate their future with another team , if your idea is finally terminate its cycle as a Madridista.

Although much has been said about his possible fate football, the truth is that nobody knows for sure what will do the tolosarra . Some say that if you are going to United States , others return to the Premier League , which Juventus wants as a substitute for Pirlo but … almost any sports newspaper speaks of an option that would not be far-fetched, she decided to return to the club where he trained as a player and person, the Royal Society , which would end his career.

Xabi Alonso carried deep into the Royal Society , as demonstrated in many occasions, and reportedly in San Sebastian since his move from Liverpool address txuriurdin club , the Real Madrid midfielder still wants to retire at the club that gave him the opportunity to be a footballer . At 32, this would be the best time to go home, as it could still perform at a high level two or three seasons.

In the capital of Gipuzkoa takes time to be heard the rumor that Xabi Alonso have bought a new home and enrolled their children in a school in San Sebasti

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Carlos Vela: “In San Sebastian I found my place”


After several assignments in which failed to deploy his football, Carlos Vela, the one player who marveled at World sub17 2005, which was the top scorer in San Sebastian found place to be happy and the team, the Royal Society, ideal for enjoying football again . In fact, the Mexican, who is grateful, is one of the best strikers in the league, alongside Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Carlos Vela signed for Arsenal in November 2005 after emphasizing the U17 World, which won Mexico and Cancun that the player managed to be the top scorer. By not enjoy the confidence of Arsene Wenger , the Mexican went through several teams, unnoticed , on loan, before landing in San Sebastian, where also arrived on loan two summers ago. In his first season at Real Sociedad, the bomber maya gave a great performance, scoring 12 goals in the league, which led to an entity txuriurdin to undertake his signing.

Last summer, the Royal Society with Carlos Vela could be owned, donostiarras after paying 3.2 million to Arsenal, who booked a repurchase option that must run every summer before August 10th 2015 if you want to recover the Mexican exchange for 4.2 million . Moreover, the Gunners is guaranteed a percentage if Vela is transferred to a third party.

In San Sebastian, Carlos Vela feels very comfortable as never tires of repeating the footballer born 24 years ago in the tourist resort of Cancun. climate, the beauty of the city and the quality of life of San Sebastian have enamored the attacker maya , which are not covered in any case a change of scenery in the medium term. In addition, the Royal Society found a wardrobe that is like family . All this has meant that Carlos Vela has become one of the best strikers in world football, so it is grateful.

“I’m happy, and looking more. I want to succeed, with the team and personally. When I did not come expecting anything, just wanted to enjoy, to feel important again, and here I’ve got . I found my place in a city and a team that make me feel good, and where I can exploit my skills. I am grateful and I give my best because they both club and the city gave it to me, they deserve it “. The Mexican is so grateful he did not want to know anything of interest from several teams that have been interested in the situation in the recently finalized transfer market, although this has not leaked to the media.

The next offering great performance at the Royal Society, vital for the team to San Sebastian has happened in four years of playing in the second division to the Champions League, has meant that few not considered to Carlos Vela as one of the best strikers in world football scene . In her home country there are many who ask for his return to the Tricolor , which he resigned at the time because of disagreements with which until yesterday was serving as coach. The dismissal of Chepo De la Torre , who has been relieved of office by Luis Fernando Tena , could facilitate the return of Carlos Vela to Tricolor , as the attacker of the Royal Society had long been meditating his return.

Carlos Vela Is one of the best attackers of the world football scene?

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Picture - The Zamarra


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Sebastian “El Loco” Abreu again Nacional Will beating people at age 36?

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Juan Sebastian Veron will continue to 6 months

One of Argentina’s most emblematic players of recent years is Juan Sebastian Veron , known as the “witch” who in previous months had announced his retirement from active football final at the end of this year, but in the late has decided to stay in business 6 months, is very happy news to fans of Estudiantes


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