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The resignation of Carlos Vela World causes a stir in Mexico

Carlos Vela will not be in the World Cup in Brazil. The Mexican striker Royal Society , as has been happening in the last four years, again waiving his selection, after a meeting with Miguel Herrera , the Tri coach , Madrid . This decision has provoked harsh criticism at home, because almost no one in Mexico understands that a player gives up something as prestigious as representing his country in a World Cup .

The own Miguel Herrera , which met on Sunday with Carlos Vela in Madrid, taking advantage of the Royal Society was in the Spanish capital play their league match against Atletico Madrid , to learn first hand the willingness of the player face to be called to play the World Cup, the media reported that Cancun will not ultimately in Brazil . ” “.

Given the hype that has been formed in New Mexico before Carlos Vela refusal to donning the shirt of the Tri while reaching accuse some media, and not just fans of high treason , footballer of the Royal Society, the best Mexican soccer player of the moment , sent a letter to the media explaining the reason for its decision, making clear that person is consistent with their actions .

At every meeting I’ve had with various people, who once were the technicians responsible for the selection, them I externship that my country is Mexico and it always will be. However, this process has been developed for the next World Cup just, I have not been 100% mentally to represent or be part of this representative, who deserves the best of my respect . When you do, it will be because I will be at that time, provided of course, there is still interest in part responsible for the proper selection to be called. Only 23 players will go to Brazil. The vast majority or all attending the World will be very fortunate. Some of these 23 have lived, enjoyed and suffered this rating would not be fair of me to any of them to let me stay out instead

Some also says, as the journalist Ricardo Magall

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Carlos Vela depends upon himself for the World Cup

repeatedly After resigning his selection, Carlos Vela is in his hand to play the next World Cup , to be staged next summer in Brazil, although this footballer of the Royal Society must convince Miguel Herrera , who has taken the reins of the Tri , that craves represent their country in the most prestigious tournament in world football.

Mexico’s new coach will travel to Europe next February and his idea is the meeting with Carlos Vela in San Sebastian , to spot check the readiness of the player for the World Cup next year, according to different media said. ” “.

Mexico failed to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil going many troubles. In fact, the ball did not come until the playoffs to eliminate New Zealand , after a qualifying round where De la Torre offered a yield well below expectations, ranking fourth in their group (North, Central America and Caribbean), after United States , Costa Rica and Honduras .

Although in Mexico there who does not want in the selection , due to their ongoing resignations incorporating Carlos Vela would be a very great news for the Aztec country as Real Sociedad player, only 24 years old, is living the best moment of his career in San Sebastian , where after not noted in the various operator where he was on loan from Arsenal, has found its place and has regained his best, one that led him to join Arsenal after being the most outstanding player of World sub17 2005 was proclaimed

Signed by the Royal Society for three summers, first on loan and then owned, Carlos Vela has become the estrellla of txuriurdin box (whitish in Basque), and was one of the greatest architects of last season’s team San Sebasti

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Carlos Vela seems willing to play the World Cup with Mexico

Carlos Vela, who has been giving to the selection of Mexico, meditates go to World Cup Brazil 2014 with the selection of your country , but first wants to talk to the coach of the Tri , Miguel Herrera , which is scheduled to travel to San Sebastian to see first hand the intentions of the attacker Real Sociedad.

Carlos Vela The clash of the national team is long, four years ago, when Cancun was sanctioned along with two companions, with six-month suspension due to a party held in a hotel with disreputable women following a friendly against Colombia . Although the party most of the members of the Tri part, Carlos Vela was considered one of the organizers of it.

Although it is said that this sanction is why it is said that Vela waive your selection, the truth is that after to fulfill it he played several friendlies with Mexico . Nobody knows for sure what are the reasons for their continued rudeness. Some will point to the tensions that exist between apparently footballer Real Sociedad and the Federation, others speak of the reason was De la Torre … The truth is that changed after coach Carlitos followed waiving your choice .

Perhaps one reason for which until now has not wanted to go to Mexico, even with new coach reviews are ferocious received by a sector of the Mexican press and a large section of the fans of the country , unforgiving continue their resignations. Most often, the player does not feel loved, but who knows what goes through the head of the Real Sociedad player …

What has been know that this article is that signature now Carlos Vela would be willing to go to the World with Mexico, since more than one occasion joked with some teammates to go to World their respective teams with the opportunity to meet in the final of the World , which could suggest that Vela would be willing to return to the Tri, even after having given up the last Olympics , where curiously Mexico won the title of Champion.

Carlos Vela would do well to return to the national team?

More info - PSG want “fish

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France - Ukraine: Hot Potatoes around the World Cup play-off

france vs ukraine repechage 2013 opt france ukraine: the hot potato around the world cup play-off

After a round of the World Cup play-off match in which the a priori more attractive to the vast majority of fans was the Portugal - Sweden In any case we recommend to all lovers of good football not miss a minute of this great game that is a preview of the event World Cup

Picture - Extra Fighting


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On Friday the first big match live World Cup 2014

No, despite the headline , we have not gone mad. We are aware that the World 2014 And is that two large and Cristiano Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic himself Ibrahimovic This is why we recommend to our readers that none of them miss this party Who do you think will be the winner of this first assault between Portugal and Sweden?


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Spain is passed fully to red for the World Cup in Brazil

Since Luis Aragones decided, very cleverly, implement the name of the Red to create a sense of identity in our selection and also discard the stale subject of “Fury” that mistakenly applied it to the our, things went smoothly, two European Championships and a World Cup.

So maybe the players have been those who have taken the step, asking, according to some media, Xavi mouth Iker and that the jersey And since now it’s over the blue pants, as well as tights and be fully red shirt (except stripes Adidas also is over horrendous yellow beak So, presented as the new uniform What do you think? Is it to your liking the new uniform of the Red?

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Griezmann knocks Brazil World Cup

Antoine Griezmann footballer Royal Society and one of the best players in the league in the first third of competition is knocking on the doors of the French absolute fast performance. The idea of ??the French footballer is being called by Didier Deschamps in January, when completed the sanction imposed by the French Federation to contest the World Brazil next summer, if France get remove Ukraine in the playoffs.


the U21 national team, Griezmann was slapped with 14 months unable to go to any selection of France for a getaway night with several of his companions while they were concentrated with Les Bleus . With less than two months to meet the punishment, the squad of the Royal Society is making her to be called by his country’s national team, as acknowledged by the Didier Deschamps , and meet one of his dreams in a World Cup with his country.

Born 22 years ago in Macon, Griezmann came to the Royal Society with only 13 years old and his football career has been unstoppable . In season 2009/10 up to the first team from the youth, bypassing the txuriurdin subsidiary in the season in which they achieved promotion to the last, and since then has been improving year after year their numbers, to become one of the best players in the Premier League , still considered by many as the best league in the world.

This season, after a rather discreet league start of the Royal Society, Griezmann has been that has led the comeback txuriurdin box in the domestic championship , with the lowest form of some of their peers. currently has eight goals in the league, second only to Cristiano Ronaldo and Diego Costa, and has scored in the last five days ligueras , something not seen in San Sebastian from the times of the legendary Darko Kovacevic . Furthermore, M

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Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Ibrahimovic: main dish to whet your appetite for the World Cup

n champions opt zlatan ibrahimovic cristiano ronaldo cristiano ronaldo vs ibrahimovic: highlight to whet your appetite ahead to world

One of the two will attend Brazil

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Michu and Diego Costa, the last two to join the race for the ninth World Cup

extras mosaic news 1333980571 1 g 0 opt michu and diego costa, the last two to join the race by nine mundialista

In Spain, new destinations Soldier, Negredo and Villa are playing to their advantage to try to get to the appointment, which does not happen with Llorente at Juventus. Moreover, the arrival of Mourinho to Chelsea seems to have cooled somewhat Torres options while two men as Michu and the nationalized The Spaniard took time ringing and their great performances and good numbers with Ray and Swansea have finished opening the door for these two crucial matches in which Spain must close his move to the first World Cup where they will have the opportunity to defend title to be held precisely in Brazil, a native Diego Costa who seems tired of waiting the call from Brazil to debut in a competitive match and therefore is willing to donning Red How about both front for the Spanish? What do you think should be chosen to go global?

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The Brazilian Diego Costa will play with Spain the World Cup


Brazilian striker of Atletico Madrid, Diego Costa, will play for the Spanish. After starting the Royal Spanish Football Federation formalities in order to be selected by Vicente Del Bosque, missing only the other player, who swore and the Spanish Constitution last July . If all goes as planned, the Red may have one of the form strikers in the league in recent times facing the World important event of 2014 to be held in Brazil, where Spain defend the title World Champion harvested in 2010 in South Africa.

Vicente Del Bosque is determined to have Diego Costa, one of the architects of the metamorphosis undergone by Atletico Madrid in recent years, which has become the only viable alternative to the hegemony of the two two of the League, and currently the offensive reference mattress box after the departure of Monaco Falcao , for the next World Cup, to be held next summer in Brazil. To this end, Spanish coach has urged RFEF to start the paperwork for the Brazilian striker FIFA recognizes 24 years as selectable Spain . To meet all the requirements for it, so just missing the other of the player, you must choose between Brazil and Spain.

Although Diego Costa has played two games for the Brazilian national team, they were friendly and official matches, so that the Brazilian would have no problem being called by Vicente Del Bosque. FIFA, how could it be otherwise met all the necessary requirements, will not be faulted and the player himself who decides how selection play . If you opt for Spain, Diego Costa should communicate its decision in writing to the FIFA , such statutes is collected in the body chaired by Joseph Blatter.

“A Player who has the right to change association shall submit to the FIFA general secretariat a written request duly justified . The Players’ Status Committee shall decide on the request. Apply the Rules of Procedure of the Players’ Status Committee and the Dispute Resolution Chamber of FIFA. Once the application has been submitted, the player may not play for any team until his request has been processed “

The decision is not easy to take. Well if Diego takes the decision to play for Spain, once playing a match, official or friendly, with Red, you can not do it again with no other choice , since the same statutes FIFA say “a player who holds dual nationality may exercise only once, the right to request the authorization to play international matches other association which is a national”.

The news of the possible” transfer “of Diego Costa for Red is something that probably will not leave you indifferent and will surely generate much discussion . The Brazilian striker is a quality player as been showing lately, but is one of the players “hated” in stadiums visiting Atletico, they are well known for all his evil arts, improper many times an athlete professional.

Should Del Bosque Diego Costa and select you think the brasileo “taint” the good image of the Red?

More - Manquillo, a man to be considered in the Athletic and La Roja

Photo - What!


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