Author: golfy 
Subject: Comments on Besiktas-Barça Champions League match
Date: Wednesday, 20th September 2000 at 11:11:09
OLD SAYING (do not count the chicken before they have hatched)

At the Group H match, Besiktas have won a victory over the Spanish giant Barcelona 3-0 in Istanbul.
From the first minute Barça has landed Istanbul airport which I was also there on Sunday night , they were just looking around that they are very confident for three points. Coach Ferrer and captain Sergi were just having fun at the press conference they have held the day before the match. Even they were replying the questions about Besiktas and Besiktas players with a big egotism. History has shown that such attitudes have brought miserable results to the egoist side. History was not wrong again.
As for the match day, nothing matched with their confidents. Thay faced a though Besiktas who is fighting on every part of the field, leaves no space to Barça forwarders, especially to famous star Rivaldo. On the other hand, Besiktas striker Nouma and forwarder Ahmet Dursun, midfielder Ibrahim and even defender Munch in the first half found some chances within the poor Barça defence. Had the Besiktas players been more cool, the score would have been easily more than three.
It also seemed that Besiktas coach Scala had well motivated his team after a big defeat agains Milan last week. They had also played a derby match with their rivals Fenerbahce in the weekend and won a victory 3-0 but made a huge effort at that match.
During the game, non of the Besiktas player did not distort the discipline, they marked their Barça players appropriately and whenever they got the ball careful passes have been made and sudden attacks have been imposed to Barça's goal areas. For the Barça attacks Besiktas defence and Shorunmu, the keeper, were very succesfull and somehow Shorunmu was lucky but it is certain that Shorunmu was the "Man of the Match".
As a last word, the old saying was proved itself again that “do not count the chicken before they have hatched.” It is a pitty thatBarça had already counted them before to see the result on the scoreboard.
After the score of tonight's other match at this group, Leeds won over 1-0 against Milan, the situation got thougher at the thoughest group of the Cahmpions League's first stage.

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