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Last Submission: 7/26/01 8:36:38 PM
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Submitted By:the lads
Submitted On:7/26/01 8:36:38 PM 
Found Site:From A Friend 
Comments:im goin 2 win the house!!!!!!!c'mon nabia!!!!!!!

Submitted By:shane kavanagh
Submitted On:7/24/01 7:25:16 PM 
Found Site:Excite 
Comments:cool site lads any way must go how bedtime bye 

Submitted By:john mc carthy
Submitted On:7/13/01 1:30:41 PM 
Found Site:From A Friend 
Comments:Hi Im John McCarthy. From Cobh . I love Cobh Ramblers and I think there good enough for EUROPE. I love football and id love to play for cobh when im older.My favourite player is Pat Morley and i think he,ll be good for ramblers at the start of the season.I also think that its a shame that Rory O Connell didnt come.Best of luck ramblers in the future(europe). 

Submitted By:Paul
Submitted On:6/20/01 8:32:45 AM 
Found Site:Yahoo 
Comments:Good luck next season! 

Submitted By:Ged Kielty
Submitted On:5/2/01 7:31:21 AM 
Found Site:AltaVista 
Comments:Hello to everyone at Cobh Ramblers, hope Liam brings about a change of luck for next year, you deserve to get promoted. If you remember me, I played for you 4 years ago and had a great time in Cobh. Good luck to everyone. 

Submitted By:daniel barnes
Submitted On:4/17/01 7:49:39 PM 
Found Site:AltaVista 
Comments:shane barrett is the future star for the ramblers faithful.thats if t.moran will let him out.ha.ha.c ya next year.  

Submitted By: Murf
Submitted On:3/20/01 1:17:58 AM 
Found Site:From A Friend 
Comments:Best of luck against Waterford next week. 

Submitted By:Cobh Pirates RFC
Submitted On:3/16/01 6:27:31 AM 
Found Site:AltaVista 
Comments:Best of luck in the FAI game against Waterford.  

Submitted By:podge feen (stumpy)
Submitted On:3/12/01 2:01:23 PM 
Found Site:AltaVista 
Comments:every boby loves the ramblers

Submitted By:podge
Submitted On:3/12/01 1:58:48 PM 
Found Site:From A Friend 
Comments:ramblers are going to walk through the cup 

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