This is the great page about Norwegian soccer, and Norwegian heroes.

Norway has qualified for the World championships 3 times. The two last one was on a stroke, in 1994 and 1998. Norway is also qualified for their first european championships ever. My favourite Norwegian player is Erik Mykland. He has got brilliant technique and is playing midfield. "Myggen" as he is called, playes on Phanatinaikos. Not any Norwegian will ever forget the striking victory in France when Norway defeated Brasil 2-1. Mykland had a bad challenge on Carlos, but he played good. T.A.Flo and K.Rekdal scored the goals. By the way, Norway took the bronze medal in the olympics 1938 I think.

This is my dream version of the Norwegian team: As a goalkeeper, Norway has lots to choose among. Thomas Myhre is playing in Everton and might be on his way to the glasgow rangers, Espen Baardsen is playing substitute keeper on Tottenham and looking for another club. But as my goalkeeper I would chose Valencias Frode Olsen. He has great skills. Here are the rest of the team:


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At the bottom here, I'll just put up the teams of the players above:

Bergdølmo- Rosenborg

Berg-Manchester United

Johnsen-Manchester United

Bragstad- Rosenborg



Solbakken- AAB

Solkskjær-Manchester United

Tore André Flo- Chelsea