Houstan Stars

In 1967, the Brazilian club Bangu, of Rio de Janeiro moved to Texas to become the Houstan Stars for one season.  They played their home games in the Astrodome in Houstan, TX.  They were coached by Martim Francisco.

Date Opponent Home/Away Score Scorers
5/27/67 Los Angeles Wolves H T 1-1 Paulo Borges
6/2/67 Dallas Tornado A T 0-0  
6/7/67 San Francisco Gales H L 2-4 Cabralzinho, Paulo Borges
6/10/67 Dallas Tornado H W 2-0 Peixinho, Paulo Borges
6/14/67 Detroit Cougars A W 2-0 Fernando, Aladim Luciano
6/18/67 Vancouver Canadians A W 4-1 Fernando, Paulo Borges (3)
6/25/67 Chicago Mustangs A L 2-4 Aladim Luciano, Fernando
6/27/67 Cleveland Stokers H W 2-1 Jair, Norberto
6/27/67 Toronto City H T 1-1 Fernando
7/2/67 Boston Rovers A L 1-3 Jamie
7/4/67 Washington Whips H L 0-1  
7/8/67 New York Skyliners A T 2-2 Aladim Luciano (2)