Here are some *.bmp poems and sadistic *.avi movies, all in *.zip format.

This section will be regularly updated.

1.Red skin with a bat                2.Levski's tomb                3.Red or boneless               4.Don't cry(poem)

            5.Victory or death                    6.The Punisher                     7.cska Ss front

"Adventures in RED"- all in Flash animation - only in

The new animations have high quality of graphics and cool sounds. You don't need Flash player because the files contain it.

1.Don't laugh

                                                                                                                        MORTE GOVEDORES

2."This is not Poduene Village"

3.Wonderful day

4.Fire!!!(interactive movie)                 5.Piiiiish

For slower systems set the graphics to low quality in the View of Flash Player!!!(in other case the balance between video and sound will be lost.

Smash the BluesLevski? What is that?!? Maybe a kind of ugly animals!!!

6.My best M.F.

7.Make yourself(useful only for blue visitors)

8.MITKO ivankov(interactive movie)




Looking forward for more new animations - only in