Dear Visitor!

Welcome to the homepage of Emigrantes Rojos (E. R.) – the first DFC fan group with an own homepage. “Diósgyõri Football Club” of Miskolc is one of the most popular soccer teams of Hungary. Our society was formally established on 16th June 1999, after a match of Diósgyõri FC played in the capital. The founding members had been visiting the matches of DFC together for a long time then, but this was the time when they found it appropriate to start with total organization. The purpose of the establishment of E. R was to unite the people of Diósgyõr thrown behind the “Miskolc” sign because of school or work. Our membership has been continuously widening since the establishment of the society, and we hope that this will not cease in the future. We are neither Hools, nor Ultras. We are only fans who still believe that football, this wonderful thing is still about the game. And once, after a long time we may grow up, too…
But till then let ‘Forward Diósgyõr!’ roar! And we ask you, as you have come to see us, please leave a note of yourself in our guestbook.