Pierluigi Collina Refs OK

An Appreciation by Jo Sweeney

Sunday lunch followed by Italian football on Channel 4! Or even in the middle of the night!   Remember when we were only really interested in Gazza, Platty or Incey, and how they were shaping up against the best of Serie A? Well, it was one big yawn all right. HOWEVER....... one Pierluigi Collina emerged from the italian smokebombs, to capture the imagination of myself and thousands of other football fans across Europe. Gazza and co. have faded from the big time, BUT the 'italian stallion' is here to stay, not least on my dedicated web site. Please enjoy the pics, and feel free to email me with your views and thoughts of the worlds' premier referee. (Naturally aside from the UK`s David Elleray........alas now too old, but never forgotten!") italy_wht.gif (18939 bytes)



Award-Winning, and Modest award.jpg (10815 bytes)
phone.jpg (4662 bytes) Master of today's communication technology
As I said, Master of today's communication thingy redcard.jpg (26323 bytes)
lecture.jpg (21659 bytes) Looks like someone is getting a right good old talking to
Bet you didn`t know Pier and Becks do Irish dancing Becks.jpg (11040 bytes)
Thumbs up for a tasty bit of gorgonzola

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