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  • Foundation: 1927
    Pics of "San José" Maristas of Callao
    Pics of Sport Boys' Site in Colón y Teatro Streets
    Mr. Gualberto Lizárraga
    First Games
  • First Championship:1935
    "Campolo" Alcalde
  • Berlín Olympics1936
    The Game against Finlandia
    Prisco Alcalde
  • Undefeated Again: 1937
    "Titína" Castillo
    Southamerican Championship of 1939
  • Unexpected Title: 1942
    Juan Rivero Villar
  • First Professional Champion: 1951
    Valeriano: 31 in 16
    Pics of Valeriano
  • Georgiades and Calderón in 1958
  • The 60s y 70s:
    Isaac Lastres and the Cheering Section
    Oswaldo "Cachito" Ramírez
    Pics of Cachito
    Walter Daga
    Second Place in 1976
  • With the Bear, a Chacal and a Duck in 1984
  • We Lose the Professional Status
    The Comeback: 1989
    Labarthe in 1998
  • Second Place in 1990


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Miguel Grau Stadium
National Stadium

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