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1927 Foundation

1935 First Championship

1936 Berlin Olympic Games

1937 Unbeaten Again

1942 Unexpected Title

1951 First Professional Champion

1958 Georgiades and Calderón

The 60s and 70s:
Isaac Lastres and la Barra
Walter Daga
"Cachito" Ramírez

1984 With the Bear,a Chacal and the Duck

1987 We are Relegated
1989 The Return to First Division

Second Place in 1990

Descentralized 1998
Opening Tourney1998
Final Standings of Opening Tourney 1998
Closing Tourney 1998
The 6 from Callao and Lima
The 6 from the Provinces
Final Standings Closing Tourney 1998


Miguel Grau Stadium
National Stadium


Peruvian Champions

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Founded July 28, 1927

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Who am I? My name is José Antonio Ruiz and I am one of the guys who runs ISFA.

I've been away from Peru and have been living in the Michigan, US cities of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti since 1981.

One day I decided to build a webpage dedicated to the team of my native city, Callao

Mi Dad worked as the GM of Boys from '67 up to '77. Mi home was located in Colón 172, Callao... across the street from the Municipal Library, a block away from the Real Felipe Castle and the San José Maristas Elementary School site and half a block away from the Team Offices of the Club.

I am an Alumni of San José Maristas, Callao, Class of 1977. I am one of the few guys that studied all 12 years in the school... Are they still painting the walls with sport murals each School Olympic Games?

I am studying Business Administration and Political Science at the University of Michigan. I am going to graduate one of these days...

Thank you, Gualberto Lizárraga, for uniting your Marist friends and founding an institution which has given so much happiness and emotion to my dear city, Callao

Thanks to my family for having sent me the book "Vamos Boys". Thanks for being my family.

Thanks to the Marist Brothers for having taught me to learn, understand, ask, consider diferences and to be a winner. To Professor Alejandro Cassanova, for giving me the thirst to find out, for his dedication to his students and for teaching us to discover humor in books.

Thanks to the Morgan Family of Nortville, Michigan for being my other family.

When I decided to build this page I began looking for ideas and models. Juan Lazares and Martín Escobar were the pioneers of the Boys pages in the World Wide Web. Thanks to both of them for being the trailblazers in the route I now follow.

Thanks to Isaac Lastres, uncle of Juan Lazares, for having shown me how a diehard fan can begin constructing something beginning with nothing and uniting people working for a common good.

Thanks to El Comercio, Líbero, Cambio, El Bocón, Expreso, Ojo, Deporte Total, Planeta Gol for the usage of their words and pictures. Don't sue me, ok?

Thank you very much to Mr. Teodoro Salazar Canaval for having written the book "Vamos Boys" , for the love he wrote it with and for the excellent job he did in educating my Class of '77 classmate teodoro Salazar Gross. Mr. Salazar, Teodoro and I really needed those color markers in the second year of school, we reaaaally needed them...

Thanks to Questra, for the space in the server, por the chance to learn new things and for the friendship.

José Antonio Ruiz

Main  Foundation

Sport Boys Mailing List
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