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     Confederação Brasileira de Futebol     

Coach: Mario Jorge Lobo ZAGALLO

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10.06.98 Saint-Denis


16.06.98 Nantes


23.06.98 Marseille

Team Colors: Yellow with green collar/cuffs, Blue pants.

2nd. Uniform: Blue shirt, white pants

Confederation: CONMEBOL

16th World Cup final

4 World Cup wins (1958, 1962, 1970,1994)

Runners-up in 1950

5 Copa América wins (1919, 1922, 1949, 1989, 1997)

Key players: F Ronaldo (Inter Milan, Italy),

F Romario (Valencia, Spain),

D Cafú (Roma, Italy),

D Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid, Spain),

M Leonardo (Paris St. Germain, France),

M Denilson (Sao Paulo),

D Andre Cruz (Napoli, Italy),

D Ze Roberto (Portugesa).


Keep an eye on: Roberto Carlos: Famous for his amazing free kicks and colossal thighs.

Ronaldo: Voted best player in the world, superbly balanced, tremendously quick in thought and movement, a sublime soloist.

Romário: Stocky, small, infinitely guileful. The outstanding player of the 1994 finals.

Torcida: True joy on the stands from true fans.

Analysis: Everyone's pick, but the usual infighting before each Cup is again present. Zagalo will have to answer to 162 million full-time coaches if he doesn't bring back its country's fifth Championship. About 2 months ago the CBF decided Zagallo needed an assistant and Zico was called up to fill that role.

Brilliant offensively, tenacious on defense, Brazil is the most explosive team in the world and the team to beat in 1998. Goalkeeping is not a strength, and sweeper is a question mark.

Midfield and attacking line will entertain and dazzle but won't win the Cup; the defensive line and the goaltending will lose it.

History: They like to call their players by their first names, or by their given nicknames. One name usually, like the Greek gods. Pelé, Tostao, Garrincha, Vavá, Dhajalma Santos, Zózimo, Jairzinho, Didí, Rivelinho, Clodoaldo. All of them in the Pantheon of the Football Gods.

Charles Miller, the son of an Englishman from Sao Paulo, introduced football to Brazil1894. The rest is history. Miller organized the first matches in Sao Paulo with rich,white Englishmen and Brazilians founding the first clubs and regional leagues.

The first club formed was Sporting Club Rio Grande, on July 14, 1900, and for 20 decades football was the exclusive reserve of the white elite -- the poor, be they white, half-caste or black, were excluded.

The Rio de Janiero club Vasco de Gama, backed by Portuguese Country colonizers, was the first to break this taboo, forming a multi-racial team that won the Rio championship in 1923. Arthur Friendenreich, a half-caste nicknamed "The Tiger," was Brazil's first national football hero. Born of a German father and a black Brazilian mother, Friendenreich amassed 1,329 goals in a 26-year career. Football rapidly became the national sport and in 1950 Brazil staged the World Cup for the first, and so far the only, time. Brazil dominated the competition, but were shocked 2-1 by Uruguay in the final at the giant Maracana stadium.

Eight years later they won their first World Cup, when 17-year-old Pelé and Garrincha inspired triumph in Sweden. Brazil triumphed again in Chile in 1962, and for a third time in Mexico in 1970.

Players such as Didí,Vavá, Jairzinho, Tostao, Rivelino and Pelé established themselves as legends during this time. At the 1994 finals in the United States, Brazil became the first country to win four World Cups when they beat Italy in the final on penalties., and in Pelé they produced arguably the greatest footballer ever seen.

Pronunciation Guide: Pelé: Pay-LEH; Didí: Dee-DEEH, Garrincha:  Gah-RREEN-chah

Trivia for the Pub: Brazil is the only country to have taken part in every World Cup finals.

More Trivia: The team's international nickname is "The Scratch".

Important Fact: If you ever have a chance to see the Scratch play, come to the stadium at least 4 hours early. Not for the traffic, but to see the "Torcida", the name for Brazilian fans, and join the party they start outside the stadium. Even if you belong to the opposing team, you will dance, you will sing, you will drink and celebrate the Scratch. One of the joys of being a football fan, heck, of being a human being is to partake in this celebration. Bring your 2 left feet and samba into the stadium with them. Once inside, it will be 90 minutes of singing, drums, screaming, dancing, flag waving. Simple enjoyment of soccer and of life.


G Taffarel 31

G Carlos Germanao 27

G Andre 25

D Ze Maria 24

D Roberto Carlos 24

D Aldair 32

D Andre Cruz 29

D Goncalves 31

D Junior Baiano 27

D Ze Roberto 23

D Cafú 27

M Flavio Conceicao 23 12

M Emerson Ferreira 21 3

M Dunga 34 56

M Mauro Silva 29 53

M Djalmimha 26 6

M Denilson 19 14

M Juninho 24 20  

M Leonardo 28 39

M Rivaldo 25 9

F Ronaldo 21 29

F Romario 31 51

F Edmundo 26 27

F Dodo 23 3  



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