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    Federación de Fútbol de Chile 

Coach: Nelson ACOSTA

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11.06.98 Bordeaux


17.06.98 Saint-Etienne


23.06.98 Nantes

Team Colors: Red with white collar, Blue pants

Confederation: CONMEBOL

Seventh appearance in World Cup finals (1930,50,62,66,74,82,98)

Finished third in the 1962 World Cup when they were hosts.

Four time finalists in the Copa America (1955,56,79,87)

Key players: F Ivan Zamorano (Inter Milan, Italy),

F Marcelo Salas (River Plate, Argentina).

Will there be much celebration for Salas in France this time?

Keep an Eye on: Marcello Salas: "El Matador" is an explosive striker, deadly with both legs.

Ivan Zamorano: Ronaldo's striking partner at Internazionale. Leading scorer in 1998 qualification with 12.

The Defense: Offense is world class. The midfield performs well enough. The defense is the Achilles' heel of this team.

Analysis: Has potent attack, but will miss Sebastián Rozental. The defense is uncertain.

Chile hasn't performed well during World Cups, except when it hosted it in 1962. Last time it was invited, in Italy 82, it didn't win a game. With the "Sa-Za" tandem, this time could be a dark horse. Doubt that? It beat England 2-0, in Wembley no less.

History: Just like its neighbors Argentina and Uruguay, the game was introduced by immigrants and sailors as early as the mid 1800s. In 1889, the first club in Chile, Valparaíso Football Club, was founded by David Scott, but the political and international problems of the year halted the activities. In 1892 other British based clubs were formed to take up games with Valparaíso : Mackay and Sutherland, English Stocking, Hall School, and Rogers F.C., which was created by an English tea importing company of the same name.

In 1962 they hosted the World Cup, even though the country was recovering from a terrible earthquake. Splendid organization and beautiful new stadiums worked to lift Chilean soccer's prestige internationally. In 1974 they qualified by walkover when the Soviet Union refused to play in Santiago's National Stadium after allegations the site had been used to hold political prisoners after the Pinochet coup.

Chile was the fourth and last of the South American countries to qualify for the 1998 World Cup after winning its last match 3-0 against Bolivia. The Chileans edged Perú in the Goals Against/For Average, breaking the tie in points obtained. In seven appearances in the World Cup finals, counting 1998, Chile has had to qualify four times - England 1966, Germany '74, Spain '82 and France '98.

Thanks to strikers Zamorano and Salas, Chile's place in France 98 marks the country's first appearance in the finals in 16 years. However Chile has rarely succeeded in the final stages. Chile's best result was when it hosted the World Cup in 1962 and managed to finish third behind winners Brazil who boasted Pelé, Garrincha and Vavá. The team didn't do itself any favors with the press in Germany in '72 when they demanded fees from reporters for quotes and interviews.

In its last World Cup appearance in 1982 Chile arrived in Spain boosted by midfield duo Figueroa and Quintano, considered amongst the best in the world and talented strikers Caszely and Yañez. But defeats by Germany (4-1), Austria (1-0) and Algeria (3-2) saw them knocked out in the first stages of the finals.

Chile has managed to reach the final of the Copa América four times (1955,56,79 and 87) but were beaten each time. At club level three teams, Universidad de Chile, Colo Colo and Universidad Católica, share most of the top honours. In 1991, Colo Colo became the first Chilean side to win the Copa Libertadores. For 1998, Chile will be counting on Iván Zamorano (Inter Milan), Marcelo Salas (River Plate, Argentina) and Sebastian Rozental (Glasgow Rangers).

The highlight of Salas's career so far is a hat-trick in the qualifier against Colombia and his partnership with Ivan Zamorano, of Internazionale, will ensure that Chile, despite a tough battle to secure the last South American place, will be a threat to the defenses of Italy, Cameroon and Austria in Group B.

They also have Sebastien Rozental, another atacker who despite the fact that he signed for £3.5 million almost a year ago, hasn't had the chance to justify the price tag for Scotland's Glascow Rangers because of a knee injury..

With three highly-rated attackers, goals are not likely to be a problem for Chile, but their rearguard, which conceded 18 goals in 16 qualifiers as they made it to the finals for the first time since 1982, is likely to be their downfall despite being drawn in arguably the weakest group.


G Nelson Tapia 31 24

G Marcelo Ramírez 32 10  

D Francisco Rojas 23 6

D Pedro Reyes 25 12

D Jorge Gomez 29 2

D Javier Margas 28 42

D Christian Castaneda 29 17

D Ronald Fuentes 28 26  

D Ricardo Rojas 23 7

D Miguel Ponce 26 8

D Wilson Contreras 32 5

D Miguel Ramírez 27 33

M Marcelo Vega 26 21

M Esteban Valencia 25 25

M Clarence Acuña 22 14

M Luis Musrri 27 22

M José Luis Sierra 28 21

M Fernando Cornejo 28 14

M Nelson Parraguez 26 18

F Iván Zamorano 30 37

F Marcelo Salas 22 31

F Claudio Nuñez 22 10

F Juan Carreno 29 12

F Rodrigo Barrera 27 9

F Sebastián Rozental 21 20  



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