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12.06.98 Lens


18.06.98 Toulouse


24.06.98 Lyon

Team Colors: Red with White sleeves, White pants

Confederation: UEFA

Second World Cup appearance

Reached the second round of the 1986 World Cup in México

Winner of the European Championships in 1992

Semi-finalists of the European Championships in 1964 and 1984

Key players: G Peter Schmeichel (Manchester United, England),

M Morten Wieghorst (Celtic, Scotland),

F Michael Laudrup (Ajax, Netherlands),

D Jan Heintze (Bayer Leverkusen, Germany).

F Brian Laudrup (Glasgow Rangers, Scotland).

Brian Laudrup and Michael Laudrup


Keep an Eye on: Michael Laudrup: Probably the best forward Denmark has ever produced.

Brian Laudrup: The one who scored the most goals (4) during qualifying.

Peter Schmeichel: Goalkeeper with a nose redder than the faces of forwards that he embarrasses with his breathtaking agility.

Analysis: Vast improvement in local clubs, led by Brondby and Copenhagen, has boosted the national team. Goalkeeper is strong.The 1986 team was as good a side as any in the world, but got carried away with their own publicity and managed to push the self-destruct button with a woeful performance against Spain.

This time, Denmark will not fall into the trap of overconfidence, chiefly because they do not have too much to be confident about. They will rely on the continuing excellence of Schmeichel and the brothers Laudrup up front. Beyond that, there is athleticism and organization, but little inspiration.Will have to scratch for everything.

History: Denmark first learned soccer from British sailors and it has maintained a British flavor in its style of play throughout its history. Denmark used to be a very modest football nation. The national federation of this country of just five million people was founded in 1889, but football has for a long time been considered a secondary sport in this northern European country.

At international level, the national side really came of age in the 1980s, when, having reached the semi-finals of the European championships in France in 1984 (defeated by Spain on penalties), they qualified for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico (beaten by Spain 5-1 in the second round). Denmark had its moment of glory in 1992 when it won, to general surprise, the European championships in Sweden (2-0 against Germany in the final) having only been a last-minute entrant following the exclusion of Yugoslavia because of the civil war.

Most of their players are in foreign clubs, like star player Michael Laudrup who plays at Ajax and has a list of prestigious former clubs in Lazio, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Laudrup's brother Brian, now at Glasgow Rangers, used to be at Fiorentina and AC Milan, and Peter Schmeichel, undisputed keeper of Denmark (97 caps), has won numerous medals with Manchester United. In 1998, Denmark are competing in their second finals having qualified first in their group which contained, among others, Croatia and Greece.

Once again, the sprawling figure of Peter Schmeichel was to the fore as a late, wonderous save in Greece gave Denmark a rather fortunate draw and a place in the finals. Surprisingly, this is only the second time that they have reached the final stages of the competition, failing to qualify in both 1990 and 1994, despite contriving to become European champions in 1992.

Yet there are still some positives. Early results in qualifying were admirable, especially a spectacular 3-1 victory over Croatia, where the Laudrups confirmed their status as the best footballing brothers playing in the world today. Michael is the only survivor from the class of '86 and has just returned from semi-retirement in Japan in search of one last stab at international glory. Now with Ajax, he has impressed in domestic and European competition this season.


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G Peter Schmeichel 34 97

G Mogens Krogh 34 5  

G Peter Kjaer 32 0

D Soeren Colding 25 2

D Jes Hoegh 31 34

D Jacob Laursen 26 20

D Marc Rieper 29 49

D Ole Tobiasen 22 2  

D Jan Heintze 34 35

D/M Michael Schjoenberg 30 24

D/M Thomas Gravesen 21 0

M Thomas Helveg 26 26

M Ole Bjur 29 3

M Bjarne Goldbaek 29 10

M Morten Wieghorst 26 7

M Per Frandsen 27 8

M Peter Nielsen 29 6

M Allan Nielsen 26 14

M Michael Laudrup 33 95  

M/F Jon Dahl Tomasson 21 4

F Brian Laudrup 28 73

F Mikkel Beck 24 14

F Miklos Molnar 27 8

F Peter Moeller 25 9

F Per Pedersen 28 6  

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