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 Federatia Romana de Fotbal  

Coach: Anghel IORDANESCU

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15.06.98 Lyon


22.06.98 Toulouse


26.06.98 Saint-Denis

Team Colors: Yellow, Blue and Red Shirts, yellow pants.

Confederation: UEFA

Seventh participation in the World Cup

Quarter-finalist in the 1994 World Cup in the United States

Three appearances in the round of 16 (1934, 1938, 1990)

Key players: M Gheorge Popescu (Galatasaray, Turkey),

F Gheorge Hagi (Galatasaray),

D Dan Petrescu (Rapid Bucharest).

Gheorge Hagi

Keep an Eye on: Gheorghe Hagi: Now approaching the veteran stage, still has that powerful left foot, but is temperamental.

Viorel Moldovan: Allies silky skills with hustle and bustle.

Adrian Ilie: Promises Turkish delight from Galatasaray.

Gheorge Popescu: The leading scorer in 1998 qualification with 8 goals.

Analysis: Team has changed little since 1990, which is the problem. Benefited by easy European qualifying group. Weakest seed. M Adrian Ilie is a good up-and-comer.

Game with Colombia is a definer, it will decide who will accompany England to the next round. Colombians remember the embarrasment of 94 and will come out gunning for Hagi from the first whistle.

History: The Romanian Football Federation, created in 1909, was affiliated to the FIFA in 1930. Romania have rarely shined at the World Cup finals, despite making six appearances prior to France 98. Three times they have reached the last 16 -- in 1934 (Italy), in 1938 (France) and in 1990 (Italy). Romania's best result came at USA 94 when they reached the quarter-finals before losing to Sweden. They qualified unbeaten for France 98, their thrid consecutive finals.

At club level Steaua Bucharest (with 18 league titles and 19 Romanian Cups) and Dynamo Bucharest (14 titles, 9 cups) have dominated, with Univesitatea Craiova and Rapid Bucharest occasionally breaking their stranglehold. In Europe, Steaua Bucharest emerged as one of the major club sides in the late 1980s, winning the European Champions' Cup in 1986 by beating Barcelona on penalties in Seville. In 1989 they reached the final again but lost 4-0 to AC Milan. Recent club performances have been hindered by the exodus of their best players to the richer leagues in Europe.

Until the final fixture of their group eight qualifying series, Romania held a 100 per cent record - nine matches played, nine victories, 36 goals scored, three conceded. No other European side could boast such domination en route to France and the subsequent 1-1 draw against Ireland in Dublin, though ruining their perfect record, was but a mere blip.

Anghel Iordanescu, the Romania coach, could afford a smile, though that may have faded since the draw alongside England and Colombia in group G. After a miserable campaign during the 1996 European championship finals, in which they lost their three group matches, his critics urged him to bring in the new guard. Iordanescu, 47, appointed in June 1993 and one of the longest-serving international coaches in Europe, demurred. "I thought we were a little unfortunate to be eliminated so early," he said. "A lot of people were calling for wholesale changes, but, to my mind, it was not necessary." Statistics can prove misleading. Overcoming Ireland, Lithuania, Macedonia, Iceland and Liechtenstein will count for little when Romania mix it with the big boys. They might have reached the 1994 quarter-finals in the United States but that means little now.

Gheorghe Hagi, 32, still revels in his role as the "Maradona of the Carpathians", Dorinel Munteanu orchestrates from midfield and Adrian Ilie has an eye for goal. Watch out, too, for Denis Serban and Catalin Munteanu, the precocious youngsters of Steaua Bucharest. A second-round place, perhaps, but no further.

Trivia for the Pub: The game with Colombia will be a veritable feast of Yellow, Blue and Red. Both nations have the same colors.

More trivia for the Pub: By the way, Romanian is also a Romance Language. It has the same roots that Spanish, French, Italian...Latin.

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Dan Petrescu


G Florin Prunea 30 34

G Bogdan Stelea 30 43  

G Dumitru Stingaciu 33 3

D Liviu Ciobotariu 26 2

D Anton Dobos 32 18

D Cristian Dulca 25 0

D Iulian Filipescu 23 12

D Corneliu Papura 23 12

D Dan Petrescu 30 64

D Dan Potocianu 23 1

D Daniel Prodan 28 43

D Tibor Selymess 27 42

M Ilie Dumitrescu 28 60

M Constantin Galca 25 28

M Gabi Popescu 23 6

M Gheorghe Popescu 30 74

M Gheorghe Hagi 32 107

M Ioan Lupescu 30 52

M Catalin Munteanu 18 0  

M Dorinel Munteanu 28 58

M Basarab Panduru 27 22

M Iosif Rotariu 35 5

M Denis Serban 21 3

M Alin Stoica 18 0

M Ovidiu Stinga 26 16  

F Gheorghe Craioveanu 29 16

F Adrian Ilie 23 16

F Marius Lacatus 33 79

F Viorel Moldovan 24 20

F Ioan Vladoiu 28 24  

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