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The Question of the Week

What nation should have made it to France 98? Why are they still home?


Portugal only loss one game and only suffered 5 goals in the qualification, yet finished third in the group.


Australia should be in the finals, but drew 2-2 with Iran when they were

leading 2-0 in the 2nd half. They have no one else but themselves to





israel should have done it




Russia and Czech-republic should be at the Wc and not Iran or Japan!

Czech Republic




To Whomever,

There is only one team that is missing that should be there as they

did not lose a game in all their qualifing matches and that team is

AUSTRALIA. Whilst Iran who we drew twice with in the final round (by the

way our only draws) got through after lsoing a few of there qualifing

matches. Please Explain??????

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