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UK Marketing via Soccer Club Sponsorships Have you considered the huge value of marketing your services and products to the supporters of clubs in  the English  Football League?  Massive Television and Live exposure, diverse levels of commitment, to a potential market not only in the UK, but throughout Europe, and the world. We can arrange your sponsorships, inclusive of match program advertising, for as little as US$1000, Au$1500, 600 per annum.

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Email George David Sports Marketing for further information.
Opportunity to access Huge Exposure to Web Traffic on Major Soccer Web Server We have recently accepted a brief from a major Soccer Web Server, currently enjoying almost 1,000,000 page exposures per month. We have been selected to market an offer of limited Advertising opportunities on each of the current existing as well as future pages. Prime placement of your banner(s) can be arranged for a minimum of one month, for a CPM from as little as US$10 per 1000 exposures, and a total cost per month from US$9000.

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Contact us for further details regarding this exciting limited opportunity.

Player Representation

We represent several young players from all the world, who are looking for a chance to display their skills at varying levels. Wherever your team is located, be it Australia, China, Europe Africa or the Americas, we may have a player who is looking for a club in your country. 

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Further enquiries from Clubs, Players, Scouts and Agents invited.

Free Soccer Web Pages

Got a soccer related web page that we can get hosted  for you for FREE? We are currently offering, on behalf of our client, free hosting of soccer related sites, for a limited period. This major soccer server currently boasts almost One Million page exposures per month, giving you a huge page hits base, at absolutely no cost to you. We are able to do this by placing links to major advertisers on all of our pages. Contact us for further details.

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