Jules Rimet assumed the presidency of the Federation International of Football Association (FIFA) in 1921.
In 1926, with his statement "Soccer could reinforce the ideals of a permanent and real peace" he proclaimed the need for organizing within a period of no more than 3 or 4 years, the 1st world tournament involving all the federations, without disctintion between professionals and amateurs.
Rimet with the help of another 5 people in an assembly have decided to organize the competition in 1930.
In 3 congress of FIFA (Barcelona, Zurich and Geneva), the system of the competition and the period of time between each competition were established.
On May 26, 1928 the World Cup was born.. Five european countries (Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary and Sweden) with Uruguay wanted to held the tournament.
On May 18, 1929 at the congress of Barcelona, Uruguay was proclaimed host of the 1st World Cup because of their record in the Olympics tournaments and Rimet thinking to make soccer an universal sport.
Abel Lafleur was hired to desing the trophy: a Winged Victory made of 1800 grams of gold who suffered a lot of harrowing episodes until Brazil kept it in 1970 when they won it for the 3rd time.