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ISFA Services
ISFA provide a number of services for you, the Internet Soccer Fan. Everything that we provide is entirely FREE, and you can rest assured that as soccer fans ourselves, we endeavour to improve so that we can share our love of the game with the World.

ISFA Services

ISFA are now providing you the opportunity to host a Soccer Forum using our fully threaded soccer message board. This forum will be continually developed according to your feedback adding features that you ask for. The latest version of the forum includes the following features:
  • Customisable colours, title and welcome message.
  • Fully threaded.
  • View count - indicates how many times a message has been viewed.
  • Email on reply - emails the author of a message when a reply has been sent.
  • Search
  • HTML filter
  • Paging - displays a predefined number of messages and allows you to scroll through older messages using paging.
You may view our test forum here so that you may get a feel for it. As mentioned, this will be continually updated and current submissions for extra features include:
  • Ability to modify the number of messages shown on page.
  • Smiley face images
  • Sorting
  • Password protection of message board
  • Highlight owners message

If you are interested in this offer, please read the Terms & Conditions. Once you are happy, you may register using our Application Form.

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