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Mailing Lists at ISFA
ISFA hosts hundreds of list pages where you can subscribe to Soccer Mailing Lists. Regardless where your list is hosted we will host a page providing subscription instuctions for any Soccer Mailing List. Through Soccer Mailing Lists, you can connect with thousands of fellow soccer enthusiasts Worldwide; share, network, explore and discuss issues on your favourite soccer team or topic! Just click here if you want your list page hosted at ISFA alongside over 800 Soccer Mailing Lists !

ISFA Services

ISFA is now hosting soccer mailing lists subscription pages from any soccer list regardeless of which listserver the list is hosted in, FREE of any charge.

There are many benefits to having your soccer list subscription page hosted at ISFA. We are the best, largest, and most popular gateway for soccer fans to subscribe to soccer mailing lists. Thus your list will be getting more exposure with visiting fans and growing by adding more subscribers directly from the ISFA site.

In order for us to host a list subscription page for your soccer list just download these simple application and instructions.

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